Standard Change reduces time to delivery

Standard Change reduces the time to delivery

The way to deliver low risk changes is the new Standard Change. In IT we see  an increasing overreaction to avoid risk and incidents, and often leads to exaggerated measures: the “risk rule reflex”. Even in my role as Solution Manager ChaRM consultant I notice for the same reason  a resentment against ChaRM. This resentment is caused by badly implemented ChaRM configuration. ChaRM will bring the ability  to deliver changes in a swift and risk free manner,  while maintaining quality  and auditability . A good example of such an approach is the Standard Change to reduce time to delivery.


In most organisations the standard change, was before Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 5, usually an urgent change classified as a low risk. Change managers had no way to control or see, if described change was indeed included in the low risk change. Too often they where confronted that by mistake or even deliberately objects are attached to the change that have not reason to be in the change.

With SPS5 SAP introduced the Standard Change SAP. Here its actual content automatically checked against the standard change catalog .So Standard change can finally be used to perform low-risk changes that are uncritical and frequently used.  Because “we know” what actual is in the change, is in line with the standard change service catalog Therefore we can deliver as a continuous flow off deployment.

At Sabaas have implemented Standard change for a number of customers. We are able to deliver in a short period standard change processes. We help to setup the standard service catalog in an easy iterative process. The system will directly deploy, when the change is ready


Now you know SAP ChaRM, Standard change reduces the time to delivery dramatically while maintaining quality.




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