Cloud Automation

Automating the Cloud:

The key advantages of running SAP in the Cloud are the many automation options compared to On Premise data centers. One of the options for automating the cloud, is the pay-per-use model where you are only charged for the actual costs of the running SAP systems. Using this feature is very suitable for development, project or Proof of Concept systems which are only required during office hours. Making use of this feature is not as easy as it looks however. The cloud delivers standard consoles, but these don't handle running SAP systems or HANA databases very well.

To help our customers to make better use of this excellent Cloud functionality we have developed the Sabaas Cloud Console.

The Sabaas Cloud Console provides a central easy to use dashboard for your SAP systems that manages all the layers of your SAP system including the underlying Database, operating systems and Cloud resources. By using our Cloud Console we ensure everything is managed and controlled in an easy, safe and consistent manner. This empowers DevOps teams, project teams, developer teams with the self service ability to provision a SAP system for the actual usage en stop the system when they actually do not need it, like evening hours or weekends.

As an agile project team you do not want to be dependent on your local IT team or outsourced partner, every-time you would like to have your SAP system available. By using the Sabaas Cloud Console you will be in complete control.

The Sabaas Cloud Console consists of the following main features:
  • Usage is easy and intuitive.
  • Responsive design which makes it suitable for PC, mobile and tablet usage.
  • Fully HTML which makes it supported by any device that runs a browser.
  • Accessible from anywhere with internet access.
  • Fully secured with support for Multiple Factor Authentication.
  • Multi-user and multi-role aware.
  • Integrates with the management layer of the SAP system and the AWS Cloud Platform.
  • Self defined schedules for stopping/starting the complete SAP system.
  • View status of the SAP work processes, makes it easier to decide if the SAP system can be stopped safely without interrupting any active processes.
  • Overview of who last stopped or started the system.
  • Insights into the usage and costs of the system for the current and the previous months.
Technical overview:

The Sabaas Cloud Console is a fully cloud native application that runs completely serverless and scales automatically based on usage. The console is available via the AWS Marketplace or can be provisioned via Sabaas in a fully automated manner. For a free trial or a demo please contact our sales representative Bart de Paauw.


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